Living with a dragon logo

Living with a Dragon is an animated series about the life of an atypical, yet ‘normal’ family told in a classic fairy-tale style with a comedic twist. This is a storybook brought to life, with the main character, Nina, very much the little girl telling the story.

The IP promotes a positive approach to the day-to-day challenges of a blended family, focusing on a child’s certainty of their parents’ love, and on the acceptance of new relatives, and the modern world they all find themselves in now.

Living with a Dragon helps parents to start an age appropriate dialogue about different parenting situations in a playful and amusing way.

The IP reassuringly deals with complex modern family issues, such as divorce, multiculturalism, adoption, sole parenting, gender role reversal, life-work balance, individualism, and more…

Living with a Dragon is brimming with charming eclectic characters who have many funny adventures to share with its audience.

The IP has been created with a primary focus on the transmedia generation, with stories and themes that all the family can enjoy.

Living with a Dragon has been written with the intention of capitalising on the growing trend of ‘intelligent storytelling’ for the pre-school to upper preschool market (4 – 7 year olds).

  • FULL FORMAT: 52 x 7 minute episodes
  • TARGET: intelligent storytelling for children aged 4 to 7 years & their families
  • GENRE: comedy / adventure
  • ANIMATION: 2D/enhanced animation
  • PLATFORM: All – Transmedia (Traditional & Digital)